Be A Better Baccarat Player With These Simple Tips

Some players think that only those with huge online casino bankrolls, wearing formal attires, and driving a luxury car are the ones who can play baccarat. Well, that is a thing of the past because these days, baccarat is now available online. That means the game is now easily accessible to anyone. It does not matter if you have a big or small budget for your games. All you need is to know how to win it. Use these tips to make that possible.

Never Pick the “Tie”

When playing online baccarat at ebet, you have three options when placing your bets. You can bet on the player, banker, or the tie. The first two options are the most popular. But players simply avoid the “tie” bet. That is because it has the highest house edge of 14.4%. That may not seem much for beginners but just think that the Banker has a 1.24% house edge while Player only has a 1.06% house edge. So that 14.4% of the Tie bet is definitely too big to risk.

Always Choose “Banker”

Now that you know which bet to avoid, you should also know that the Banker is considered the best bet to choose. According to seasoned online baccarat players, make the Banker as your first bet every time you join a live baccarat table. The Banker has slightly an edge of 50% compared to the Player.

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Stick with “Banker” Until You Lose

Until when should you choose the Banker when making your online baccarat bets? Keep up with the winning streak until you make your first loss. You need to capitalize on your winning streaks. Since the Banker has a 50% chance of winning every single time, then stick with it. Keep betting on it until you have your first loss. And once you do, take the next step.

Wait Before You Make Another Bet

Now that you lost your winning streak, don’t make another bet right away. Just wait for the next decision. And whatever that decision is, go for that. Well of course unless it’s a “Tie.” If it’s a Tie, then wait again for the next decision.

Playing online baccarat is fun and exciting. So if you want to play a chill yet challenging online casino game, then you should go for baccarat. Just make sure that you know the basic strategies to keep winning. Remember that with an online casino, it’s not all about fun and enjoyment. You should also win to keep building your bankroll.